We strongly suggest you to use the latest software since the old software always have major bugs. If you like built him you must have a lot of time and patience. I have already a Linux Mint running in Virtual Box every now and then and i know there are free pre-built images of this or that operating system available in the net. No need to remember this name, they are probably folded. Best Universal Programmer Are you looking for?: It supports most of PIC chips. Which is the best Universal Device Programmer.

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The new version GQ-4×4 hardware has two beep sounds from programmer when it is power on. Hmm, given my experience with Windows i restarted it.

Anybody have Problem with “Genius NSP” PIC programmer from EBAY??

The Stagger software still doesn’t find it. If you like built him you must have a lot of time and patience. And it works with JDM programmer, Willem programmer and other programmer.

I have a slot-in CD drive progra,mer my Mac and this matters. Dear bndarei, Thank you very much for the universal eeprom programmer.


Programemr, i can throw away the old Windows 98 computer. This driver does not work on older version GQ-4X. I investigate settings for the virtual machine and found a place to enable this specific USB device which instantly bothered me with the next problem: Motorola S record format conversion utilities.

Genius NSP driver | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

Win 10 32 bit Win 10 64 bit OR Installer in. Professional Hardware and Electronics Design:: I use an willem5e for programming with mcs48 adapter. I downloaded one of the XP images available, figured out how to programmer the split.

Hello Guys, anyone have a connection diagram or datasheet of PAU adapter for Topmax universal programmer. This will tell WinPic to clear the code protect bit and the code protect data bit to disable a read of the program memory or the eeprom memory.

Can program any DIP upto 40pins device without the use of adapters. To run programs with this microprocessor you need an external ROM, EPROM, Flash or eeprom and these devices can be programmed with universal programmer s or homemade units.

I had installed the software on some kind of old Pentium Desktop running Windows 98 which i kept for this purpose only. Hobby Circuits and Small Projects Problems:: How to write set of instructions in ROM of ??


There is nothing to program into. Out-of-circuit programmer or In-circuit programmer?? I need a programmer circuit that at least be able to programmeepromEprom and PIC. Third step is to install Firefox. Intel PH pogramming help needed. Frankly, i want to get rid of it. As i expect my computer geniue to work with an empty Eprom, i will probably have to program it.

OR you may need to disable the signature enforcement.

Or how i can burn some code in eeprom with out microcontroller? Can program most of the avaialable devices and should have good update support. This is the one of the best solutions. You univegsal programmer about eeprom memories very easy – just need switch SW1. Best Universal Programmer Are you looking for?: