In generally, the function generator specify a max output frequency range, it is only for the sine waveform. Any section from 2 to 1M points. If I accidentally press the Delete all functions in the memory setting and delete all data. Rising or falling selectable. I used an oscilloscope probe to connect the AFG What is the duty cycle range in square waveform in the AFG serials?

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In generally, the function generator specify a max output frequency range, it is only for the sine waveform. The examples include the speed control of motor rotation and the luminance control of LED lighting instrument.

There are two main reasons.

The memory not yet been used will be display in blue font, while used in red. The relationship is as follows. How to see the system information of AFG?

For example, if 10V is divided into 10, equal parts, each part would have a resolution of 1mV. A dedicated terminal for the modulating signal output is available in the front panel for modulation monitoring or other control purposes. MCAA is the trade association for manufacturers AFG built-in output impedance switching function, how to do this function??


Sine, Square, Triangle, Arb. The Minimum labciew Resolution.

Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp. Avg3000 addition to displaying all of the settings on the screen, the large graphic display also allows users to observe complete waveforms at a glance. What is the setting range for the AFG’s Pulse width? AFG provides three memory storage modes: To run burst function, the burst repetitive rate has to be set first, then the time duration of each burst has to be defined under Gate mode, or the number of the waveform cycles in each burst has to be set under N Cycle mode.

According to the formula, the maximum output frequency can be provided is MHz. The 50 ohm is AFG’s original design, and high impedance is from calculation by software.

National Instruments LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition

Rising or falling selectable. Coordinate Metrology Society issues call for papers for conference The Coordinate Metrology Society CMS announced it has formally issued a call for technical papers for the 35th annual Coordinate Metrology I used an oscilloscope probe to connect the AFG The Arbitrary waveform can be edited through the editing point, line, Copy, Build in built-in etc AFG allows users to select the suitable impedance between 50 ohm and High-Z, ensuring a right impedance compatibility.


Since the output frequency depends on the relationship between waveform sampling rate and waveform composed points. With the pulse width variation of driving signal, the rotating speed of motor and the luminance of LED will change accordingly. How many editing style does it supply? By default, the language is set to English.

AFG Series Signal Generator Virtual Product Demo : Tektronix

Where fo is output frequency Fs is sampling frequency np is number of data point. It support, bps. Based on the above, the higher labvieq sampling rate, the higher the arbitrary waveform frequency can be available.

If you want to add the analog Noise signal to signals, actually the AFG can help you to achieve that. PWM is a digital modulation scheme that can be used to adjust the output power level by controlling the pulse width of the driving signal. DC to 50 MHz. But why the waveform has distortion when I observe 1M square wave?